The End Of 3G Is Here.
Are you ready for 4G?

We can help make sure it's a smooth transition.

The End Of 3G Is Here.
Are you ready for 4G?

We can help!


Phase Out of 3G Networks

Cellular carriers like Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint will retire their 3G networks in the very near future, which means the time to start migrating your 3G devices to 4G is now!

There are an estimated 80 million cellular IoT devices currently running on 3G networks in North America, from oil & gas, solar, and security to emergency vehicles and call boxes. They will need to upgrade or replace their 3G cellular devices with devices design for 4G networks. Companies who don't make the transition from 3G to 4G by the sunset date will face disruptions in their business when their IoT devices go offline, stop communicating, or begin malfunctioning.  

You don't have to make this transition on your own. We can develop a migration plan and recommend the right 4G devices for your industry.

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If you have devices currently running on Verizon 3G networks, you don't have long before it is sunsetted. 

2G and 3G End Dates

2G GSM December 2019 January 2017 December 2021 December 2021
3G December 2021 February 2022 December 2022 TBD

Migrate to Microhard 

For The  Most Low-Cost, Compact, Reliable 4G IoT Cellular Devices


Choose Microhard 4G Cellular Devices for Industrial IoT


Benefits & Features of Microhard 4G Devices:

Microhard BulletLTE-NA2 4G LTE Ethernet serial gateway

BulletLTE-NA2 Low-cost LTE
Ethernet & Serial Gateway


◾ Connect any Serial or Ethernet device for reliable cellular remote access

◾ Compact, industrial strength, wireless device using fast CAT4 LTE connections

◾ Low power consumption

BulletPlus-NA2-4G-LTE Ethernet Serial Gateway+WIFI CA-MHS117504_BACK 2000px
BulletPlus-NA2 4G/LTE Ethernet & Serial Gateway w/WIFI


◾ Compact, industrial wireless M2M solution with fast 4G/HSPA+/LTE network infrastructure

◾ 3x Ethernet Ports with PoE(WAN)

BulletCAT9 MHK117720_back

BulletCAT9 450 Mbps CAT9 LTE Ethernet/Serial Gateway


◾ Equipped with LTE Advanced Carrier Aggregation Technology!
◾ Incredibly fast CAT9 LTE connections with speeds up to 450 Mbps for today's data intensive applications

BulletCAT1-AT1_front CA-MHK117610

BulletCAT4-GL 150 Mbps CAT4 LTE Ethernet/Serial Gateway  


◾ Multi-Band Support for Global Use
◾ Fast CAT4 LTE connections with speeds of up to 150 Mbps for data intensive applications

BulletPlusAC-CAT12 (WiFi) LTE BulletPlusAC_CAT9_backAdvanced Carrier Aggregation 600Mbps CAT12 Gateway w/802.11ac

◾ Ultra fast CAT12 LTE connections with speeds of up to 600 Mbps for today's data intensive applications

◾ Equipped with LTE Advanced Carrier Aggregation Technology!

detail_LTECubeCAT4-WIFI_back  LTE3-CAT4-WIFILTECube-CAT4-GL-WIFI CAT4 LTE, 150Mbps LTE Gateway, Carrier approval: Verizon, Ethernet Gateway with 802.11 WIFI

◾ Low Cost and Power Consumption

◾ Engineered for IoT Applications

Wide Operating Temperature -40°C to +85°C

LTECube-1_back LTE3-1LTECube-CAT4-NA2 CAT4 LTE, 150Mbps LTE Gateway, Carrier approval: Verizon

◾ Low Cost, Low Power Consumption

CAT4 LTE, 150Mbps LTE Gateway

◾ Carrier approval: Verizon



Getting started with migration to 4G


Conduct an inventory of devices on 3G networks.

Determine how many devices are running on a 3G network, the cellular carrier, and where these devices are located. The statement from your cellular carrier can tell you how many devices are connected to 3G networks.

Know the sunset dates for each carrier you use.

Everyone on your team should be aware of  the sunset end dates. And to stay on top of any deadline changes, make sure you're getting a copy of the notices that your cellular carrier emails to your company. This is usually the person who set up the account - typically in the I.T. department.
timer and screw driver depicting less machine downtime

Develop a hardware strategy

Developing a hardware strategy includes Identifying devices that are scheduled for end-of-life and what devices need to be updated or replaced. It helps to work with an experienced  partner, like MSI TEC,  who can help make sure it's a smooth transition.


M2M & IoT Verizon Cellular

Data Plans

As a Verizon partner and a provider of IoT devices such as modems, routers and gateways, we're able to provide our customers with the devices, data, and solutions all in one place. We make it simple and affordable to connect devices such as smart meters, ATMs, kiosks, point of sale systems and other IoT devices by offering flexible pricing plans for Machine to Machine (M2M) data plans. Contact us to learn more.

Download Verizon Price Sheet

3G Frequently Asked Questions

Why are carriers shutting down their 3G networks?
Network providers are shutting down 3G networks to shift precious network spectrum and bandwidth to 4G (LTE) and 5G technologies, which is more cost efficient. There is a limited amount of spectrum available on wireless networks and a limit to what carriers have available. So to meet the demand for faster speeds and new features, they need the 3G spectrum to do so. In order to switching to 4G reduces operating costs and allows them to meet the increasing demand for mobile broadband and data intensive smart devices.
When should I begin the transition to 4G?
If you have devices on Verizon 3G networks, you need to act now! If you're using AT&T and Sprint/T-Mobile, the sooner you migrate to 4G the better. It's important to begin the migration well before the 3G shutdown, so that you can fix any problems. Carriers will begin systematic shutdowns in low use areas and expand shutdowns from there, but there is no way to know for sure when your area will be affected. Cellular carriers may begin re-purposing spectrum before the sunset date causing connectivity loss or issues.
What will happen if I don't transition from 3G to 4G?
When cellular carriers retire their 3G networks, IoT devices will no longer have a connection and will stop communicating and sending data. A few years ago when 2G was retired, many companies weren't prepared and experienced major disruptions in their business.
Are all cellular carriers discontinuing 3G?
Yes, all carriers are shutting down their 3G networks, although the timelines vary. Verizon will retire their 3G network in 2021! If you have devices running on Verizon 3G networks, contact us!

Don't go it alone. Let us help you develop a migration plan and choose the right 4G devices for your industry.