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now's the time for remote monitoring

Transform business with remote access to machines

Get Started With Remote Access

Because of COVID-19, machine builders, OEMs and integrators are dealing with unprecedented disruptions and challenges to run their operations - all while protecting their employees. Those businesses that have remote access to their machines and equipment are still able to perform crucial maintenance and monitor data even with a reduced and remote staff. But businesses that aren't set up for remote monitoring are at a distinct disadvantage. If their engineers and technicians no longer have physical access to control systems, then they'll need to provide secure remote access in order to remain competitive in today's tough environment.

Remotely Connect To Machines

Fortunately, remote monitoring devices and applications are now affordable, easy to use, and offer full integration with IT networks. Once in place, you’ll be able to access machines and respond quickly to issues, without having to travel.

Rebound and Grow

Remote Access makes it possible to service accounts and continue to provide superior customer service. You'll see the benefits of investing in remote access right away - and in the future - in the form of improved productivity, reduced operating costs, and happier customers and employees. And after COVID-19, you'll be in a position to rebound faster and continue to provide a high level of service and experience that your customers will come to expect.

Benefits of Remote Monitoring:

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The return on your investment from Remote Monitoring will come in the form of increased production, improved production quality, and longer equipment lifespan resulting in higher profits for your business.
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Remote Monitoring reduces operational costs. Additional savings come in the form of lower travel expenses. When maintenance is performed remotely, it eliminates travel and additional labor expenses.
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With remote access, you can quickly connect to your machine to troubleshoot the issue. Being able to access machines at any hour to make updates or change parameters minimizes the risk of machine breakdowns and failures. 

Setting Up Remote Connectivity

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 VPN Connections

Remote access allows you to troubleshoot and perform many of the same tasks as if you were on site. Within minutes, engineers and technicians can use a secure VPN connection to gain access to the machines and see live program status and troubleshoot any issues.


There is a real concern about cyber security issues and threats, especially for critical infrastructure. That's why cybersecurity solutions must include enhanced component-level security and a mechanism to manage the security level of devices. 

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring improves productivity and lowers downtime by being able to troubleshoot equipment and perform maintenance remotely. Real-time data from shop floors provide  valuable insights for scheduling repairs and production planning.

Remote Access Devices

Remote monitoring devices and programs you may need to get started.
IIoT gateway with VPN remote access
A multipurpose IIoT gateway with VPN remote access, Ewon’s Flexy is an advanced internet data gateway that allows Machine Builders to monitor and collect vital KPIs for analysis and predictive maintenance.
Secure Industrial Router
Moxa’s EDR-810 is an industrial-grade 8+2G secure router with Firewall/NAT/VPN and managed L2 switching functions, which allows it to transmit data efficiently while protecting the network and critical devices from cyber-attacks.
Industrial M2M 4G or LTE Ethernet/Serial Gateway
Microhard’s Bullet-LTE Ethernet/Serial gateway is a compact, robust, and feature-packed industrial strength wireless M2M solution using fast 4G/HSPA+/LTE network infrastructure. Microhard’s BulletPlus is a 4G/LTE Ethernet & Serial Gateway with WIFI and offers RS232 Serial Data Port, programmable I/O, SMS Alerts, monthly and daily usage alerts, and firewall with ACL Security.
Industrial Network Connectivity Cloud
A network connectivity cloud service like Ewon's Talk2M is ideal for Machine Builders, System Integrators and OEMs who want to access their machines remotely in an easy and secure way. You can program and troubleshoot PLCs remotely from your PC or laptop and monitor installations by accessing HMI, PC, IP camera, and web pages remotely from any web browser using Talk2M HTTPS web portal M2Web.
Remote Connection Management Platform
Moxa Remote Connect (MRC) is a remote connection management platform that bridges field devices, application servers and engineers together over the Internet. It includes server and client software and a hardware gateway and is hosted on Amazon EC2. Client software connects the engineer's laptop to the server portal so that they can manage all devices in real time through a HTTPS web console.
Gateway Starter Kit
A gateway starter kit like Moxa’s ThingsPro software platform is designed to simplify the integration of OT and IT data. It offers ready-to-run Modbus framework to easily connect with Modbus devices and SCADA systems and a network-ready platform with support for 4G connectivity, VPN, and firewall.

Tasks that can be done remotely:

  • Perform machine diagnostics
  • Monitor machines for issues
  • Conduct predictive and preventive maintenance
  • Troubleshoot and solve problems in minutes
  • Upgrade PLC and HMI software and programs
  • Backup and restore programs
  • Provide machine and software updates
  • Change settings
  • Debug programs
  • Identify part sizes
  • Provide operator training
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